NKC are an outsource field sales company consistently delivering top-quality service to our clients. An abundance of positive attitudes fuel our sales force, and we know that our success is a result of our track record in recruiting, training and empowering the best salespeople out there. Delivering exceptional sales performance is our shared mission. Driving growth and focusing on high impact results for our clients is our motivator.


We Are Your Expert Sales Professionals

We are winners. Continuous personal development and training creates exceptional performance and has ensured that we are leaders in our field both in the residential and commercial markets. Above all, our customers trust and depend on us and have done for over 20 years. We work with our clients to create innovative campaigns to generate sales and build brand awareness.

Our best today will be tomorrows target to beat. Fostering an ethos of continuous improvement turns good sales people into great company ambassadors. Every sales person, territory and region is meticulously monitored to identify trends so that the relevant supports can be introduced when needed. It is our job to know what’s happening on the ground so that we can react decisively and take action for our clients.

Our sales people thrive on the feedback and the support that our internal team offers them. For our customers, we are their eyes and ears on the ground and a valuable resource to ensure that they continue to deliver products and services to satisfy their customer’s needs.


We’re here when sales agents need us

Some of the most productive sales appointments are made in the evenings when your customers are away from their own work environments and have the time to talk. We are not a 9am to 5pm company – we work when you need us to.

A note from Noel King

“Over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about sales. Passing on that knowledge has led to a hard-working and effective team that guarantees results. When you work with NK Communications, your targets become our targets. We develop strong relationships internally and externally, knowing that good communication is the key to success.

You always hear people say “do what you’re good at”– and we’re good at what we do.”

– Noel King, Founder of NK Communications

Noel King Founder of NK Communications
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